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We educate, guide, to become electrical contractor. Classes are held online and offline for electrical contractors, job seeker for doing maintenance job in the industry. The training is helpful for those who are sitting for test/interview in various competitive exams.

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Electrical Estimate

We are providing support for preparing electrical estimate. The manufacturing company, engineering company, processing company or architecture can prepare estimate in few minutes with the help of our software.

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Customized software

We design special need software for specific need. Features of our customized software

Facilitate integration applications and data

Support or automize unique business processes

Handle information and specific data of industry

Meet security requirements

Replace or help cumbersome old or conventional data

Organization can mould the software according to their needs

Typical type -Web Development, Mobile App , Property App ,Real Estate App,

Estimation Software for Electrical Engineers for private and government organization

Management software

Electrocal Contract Job

A contractor can find lots of job as project or annual rate contract (ARC) in private or government organization. Example -

Schedule of rate (SOR)

SOR stands for Schedule of Rates which is used generally for execution of job through contract. It includes the job either supply and installation or only execution. Supply and installation involves supply of material and execution part. Execution or installation involves only man power.