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Technical specification for Dragon Search Light


1. Rechargeable long range Search Light for single Handed Operation. The search light unit shall also have a suitable clip/sling arrangement for hands free operation.

2. Built : Robust, durable and water resistant (IP65)

3. Lens: Poly Carbonate / Toughened Glass.

4. Battery with compatible charger: Rechargeable Li-ion / NiMH battery, charger operable with 230 V +/-5%, 50 Hz, AC supply or compatible charger shall be supplied with each instrument.

5. Battery run Time: Minimum 4 hours on high beam upon single charging.

6. Light source: LED, the beam of light shall be bright and cover a distance of minimum 500meters.

7. Light output : 300 lumens or more

8. Weight: 1.0 Kg. to 3.0 kg. (with battery)

9. The search light may have Optional facility of Flasher.


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