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Technical specification ELCB KIT




# Unit SHOULD BE suitable for testing earth leakage/residual   current devices

# Unit should be portable, rugged and come in high quality Plastic or fibre packing. Mild steel cases are not acceptable

# mA Current LCD/LED display should be available.

# should have trip time indicator with resolution of 1ms.

# should be suitable for both Domestic and Industrial types.

# Range selection for 10 to 60mA / 100 to 500mA residual current.

# Trip indication should be displayed on LCD.

# Current accuracy +/-5% , +/-1mA whichever is less.

# Warranty period -1 year after date of commissioning.

 Input   :    230V+/-10%, 50Hz

 Output  :   Mode 1) 10 to 60mA for Domestic range.

             Mode 2) 100 to 500mA for Industrial range.


#Technical details/catalogue to be submitted with the bid

#Factory test reports to be submitted along with supply of material.



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