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Technical specification ceiling fan

Typical specification


Type test report shall indicate clearly the following parameters:-

1 a) Blade angle at root, elevation and at tip

  b) Width, thickness and material of the blade.

  c) Capacitance value.

  d) Material of the body of the fan motor

  e) Total weight of the fan motor.

2. Blade thickness without paint is not less than 1.0 mm for sweep 1200 mm.

3. The material of the fan blade shall be of designation 31500B with condition Hx6 Aluminium Alloy Sheet conforming to IS:737/2008.

4. The load bearing bolt shall be of min. 6 mm dia with aluminum Clamp, Spring Washer, Nut and Check nut and Split Pin.

5. Down rod shall be of 1.6 mm nominal thick ERW pipe.

6. Shackle made from 2 mm nominal thick CRC sheet

7. Bolts (2 nos.) shall be 6mm with Spring Washer Nut and Check nut and Split Pin.

8. Shank shall be made of CRC sheet of thickness 1.6 mm minimum without paint for all sizes.

9. Shackle cover: poly propylene.


Specifications of 1200 MM  C/FAN

1. Rated voltage   : 220-240 v, AC, 50 Hz.

2. Rated speed     : 320 -340 r.p.m.

3. Rated air delivery: 210 m³/min.

4. Power consumption: Not more than 63 watts.

5. Class of insulation: B

6. Power factor: More than 0. 9

7. Motor body cover: Al. pressure die casted & CRCA sheet

8. Capacitor   : 1.6- 2.0 mfd.

9. Ball bearing: Double ball bearing.

10. Blade: Blade of Al. alloy sheet with 3 nos. blade.

11. Down rod: 300 mm long, Cold rolled pipe

12. Shackle assembly: With Al. spacer clamp for additional safety

13. Insulation test   : Not less than 2mega ohms.



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