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Technical Specification For Cassette Type Air Conditioner (2tr)
Location: ABC Company, Noida, UP 201310
1. Unit capacity : 2 TR, minimum cooling capacity: 6000Kcal/Hr.
2. Power supply: 230 V/415V, 3 ph, 50Hz, AC supply.
3. Qty: 6 nos. 
4. supply with compressor suitable for R410A gas, cordless remote controller, integrated drain pump, auto air swing louvers extremely quiet in operation etc. including mounting indoor unit from the ceiling with suitable brackets/ tie rod as per standard practice in the industry
5. condensing units with suitable MS angle/ channel /bracket / supports on the terrace/ sunshade 
6. Refrigerant line: suction and liquid refrigerant pipe size as recommended by the manufacturer.
7. The unit shall have contemporary look and the panel shall match with the stylish and decorative false ceiling.
8. The unit shall have cordless remote controller to operate the Cassette AC and the remote shall have LCD display to display the various parameters.
9. The ceiling unit shall be extremely quiet in operation; the air louvers shall have auto swing facility to distribute cool air uniformly.
10. Integrated drain pump shall be provided with the ceiling unit so as to drain the condensed water effectively without damaging the false ceiling.
11. The logic control of the unit shall ensure that the unit operates at the most suitable capacity according to indoor and outdoor condition.
12. The ceiling unit fan shall be able to operate at different speed high-low-medium through remote control unit.
13. Each AC unit shall be supplied with Copper piping minimum 5 mtrs length with 19/20 mm nit rile rubber insulation. Extra on chargeable basis.
14. Each AC unit shall be supplied with 4sq mm, 4 core PVC insulated PVC sheathed armored minimum 10mtrs flexible copper conductor cable for making connection from indoor unit to outdoor unit etc. complete as required.
15. Supplying and laying of size 20mm dia. rigid PVC pipe as drain pipe including all accessories such as bends, elbows, flexible connections etc. as required. Min. 5 Mtr for each unit.
16. Supply & charging of refrigerant gas in the existing system after vacuumisation, leak testing and pressure testing etc. complete as required.
17. The cassette ACs shall be installed at Disaster control room (11.8mtr x 11.8mtr x 3.5mtr), fire control room (12mtr x 12mtr x 3.5mtr) and fire training hall (18mtr x 6mtr x 3.5mtr).
18. The firm has to arrange all tools & plants, machineries, ladders, manpower etc. for installation of split type Ac units. Any other item required for complete supply installation & commissioning of split A/C system, if not mentioned above, is also to be considered under scope of vendor.
19. Cable tray: supply and installation of 100 mm width x 50 mm depth x 1.6mm thickness size of perforated M.S. cable trays including horizontal and vertical bends, reducers, Tees, cross members and other accessories for laying of refrigerant pipes and cables and duly suspended from the ceiling/ on floor with M.S. suspenders /angle iron supports on floor/wall including painting etc. complete as required is in scope of vendor for room size. 
20. Installation: Providing & fixing of outdoor unit mounting arrangement made out of MS angle iron (thickness 5mm) and duly powder coated including minor civil work for capacity Cassette type AC unit etc. complete as required. 
Technical data sheet 
Make of cassette type AC unit Supplier to specify 
Model No.
a) Cooling capacity Kcal/Hr.
b) TR
c) Refrigerant type R410
a) Dimension ( W x D x H)
b) Air circulation CFM
c) Indoor Noise level dB(A)
d) Power Supply V/ Hz / Ph
e) Net/ Gross Body weight Kg.
a) Power  supply V/ Hz / Ph
b) Compressor Quantity Nos.
c) Compressor type Rotary
d) Maximum piping length (main piping) meter
e) Maximum elevation difference (Indoor-Outdoor) meter
f) Piping Connections (Liquid) dia mm
g) Piping Connections (gas) dia mm
h) Dimension ( W x D x H) mm
i) Weight approx Kg.

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