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A. Specification for Supply part:
Sr. No. SPECIFICATIONS Supplier to specify 
a Solar Photo voltaic panels’ polycrystalline – minimum 150Wp under standard test conditions suitable for LED light.
b The module shall meet IEC 61215 (for Crystalline) along with IEC 61730 Part I and Part II for testing / safety) and IEC 61701 for salt mist corrosion.
c Modules should have an efficiency of not less than 14% and the fill factor should be min 70%.
d Identification and traceability: Each PV module used in must use an RF identification tag (RFID).
e Name of the manufacturer of the PV module
f I-V curve for the similar module to be attached with the offer
Wattage, Im, Vm and FF for the module
Complete mounting structure, hardware etc
The mounting structure shall be Hot Dip galvanized MS / GI of PV Module
The terminal box on the module should have a provision for opening for replacing the cable, if required.
Other relevant information on traceability of solar cells and module as per ISO 9000
Type test report to be submitted with the offer: IEC PV Module qualification certificate from Govt. MNRE approved test centre (of same product having the above configuration).
A strip containing the following details to be available in the PV Module offered:
(i) Name of the Manufacturer with Model or type number / Serial no.  
(iii) Year of make
(iii) Wp, Im, Vm and FF of the module
Metallic frame structure (with corrosion resistance epoxy paint) to be fixed on the top of the pole to hold the SPV module.
High power LEDs, the luminarie must have secondary lens/optics, toughened glass inbuilt suitable for outdoor applications. 
Rating: 35W Luminaries
Power factor:  >  0.9
LED Type : SMD Only
Min system lumen efficiency :  > 80 Lm/W
View angle: 120 Deg
Light distribution curve: circular
Usage hours: 8 hrs. ( dusk to dawn)
Color temperature between 5500-6500 K
Color Index of LED : CRI >75
Ingress Protection : IP65
Working Temperature -  -5 deg C to 50 deg C
Housing of Luminaire: Pressure die -cast LM6/ADC 12/LM24 housing
LED used in light fitting shall be LM-79, LM-80/IS 16105 and UL certified.
Report to be submitted with the offer: LM 80 & LM-79 test reports from NABL accredited Laboratory (of similar product having above configuration). Also Photometric data report of luminarie (through DIALUX, CALCULUX or other simulation software)
Cover Type of luminarie: Toughened glass or UV stabilized polycarbonate cover.
Type: Flooded lead acid tubular, maintenance  free  battery
Battery capacity: minimum 120 AH
Suitable for above system, along with battery box and stand - minimum autonomy of 2 days.
A vented metallic box of M.S. (0.7 mm minimum thickness and should be acid proof and painted with corrosion resistance epoxy paint as per relevant BIS standard) for housing the storage battery shall be provided.
The light output should remain constant with variations in the battery voltages.
Full  protection  against  open  circuit,  accidental  short  circuit, reverse  polarity, battery overcharged and deep discharge conditions should be provided
Pole height = 6m height (single arm) above ground after erection.
Approximate dimension of pole (Length x OD x thickness): Bottom section: 3.3 m x 80 mm x 3mm, Middle section: 1.3 m x 60 mm x 2.7 mm Top section: 1.3 m x 50 mm x 2.2 mm, Arm: 1.5 m x 48.4 mm x 3.2 mm
Pole shall be of GI with necessary clamps and fixtures to hold both the solar plate and the light fitting with suitable marshalling box to accommodate all cables. The pole must be robust enough to withstand the high wind speed with battery and solar panel & light.
All material  required for erection of poles – Cement, water, sand, reinforcement, etc.
All necessary cables for internal wiring (2.5Sqmm, PVC insulated), switches, fuses with all clamps and fixture, tools & tackles, etc. for installation job is on Vendors scope.
Any other item not mentioned above but required for complete installation is on Vendors scope.
Warranty / Guarantee: 
i) The bidder shall guarantee for full replacement of LED street lights (free of cost) due to any failure in 60 months from the date of delivery. 
ii) Battery shall be warranted for 4years.
iii) Overall LED Solar street lighting system shall be warranted for 2 years.
B. installation of solar street light 
The installation, testing and commissioning of the solar system in totality to be completed by the vendor as per satisfaction of EIC.
1. All the necessary tools, tackles required for completion of the job shall be provided by the contractor and no extra payment shall be made.
2. Major Job includes - Supply, erection, installation, testing & commissioning of complete Solar LED Street light system: SPV panels, Streetlight poles including marshalling box, lighting fixtures, lamps, battery, all cabling/ wiring, making suitable PCC foundation, breaking  and making good of RCC, etc., painting and numbering all complete with labour and materials as per approved  drawings, specifications and directions of Engineer-in-Charge.
3. The area of work: Likely to be installed in the villages nearby Gujarat Refinery.
4. Contractor will arrange his own transport for men & material. Contractor should engage sufficient manpower for smooth running of jobs.
5. Contractor will maintain sufficient sundry material to provide and attending the repair and maintenance job. If at any point of time Engineer-in-charge or site engineer feels that job is not progressing due to shortage of material then in such case department reserve the right to get the balance job done at the cost & risk of the contractor without any written notice or order. The cost incurred shall be recovered from the contractor bills.
6. Contractor will ensure and arrange the suitable matching the luminaries with the lighting pole arm fitting. Necessary arrangement like coupler/ fitting/ reducer/ extenders etc if required, shall be carry out by the contractor in the pole arm end to match the same with the light luminaries.
7. All related drawings & documents (QAP, Data sheet, etc) to be submitted for approval before starting any activity against the subject job.
8. Catalogues of the offered SPV Module, LED, Battery to be submitted along with the offer.
9. Preferred Delivery period: 1 month from the date of Purchase order.
10. Preferred Completion period: 2 months from the date of Purchase order.

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