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Feeder Pillar Panel typical- technical specification 


Supply of metal clad, Pedestal mounted 415 volts. Feeder Pillar Panel made of CRCA Sheet, Powder coated painting on a suitable size angle iron frame (MS channel base for grouting in the RCC and proper gland in the bottom) with required hardware such as nuts, bolts, washers, provision for earthing with 40mmx5mm GI strip on both sides of the feeder pillar panel, complete with Ammeter & Voltmeter along with selector switches and CTs, LED indicating lamps for each phase with the technical specification as given below-

·         Incoming: 250 A SFU with 250 A HRC fuse.


·         Outgoing: Five Nos. of outgoing SFU units of rating 125 A with 125 A HRC fuse.

·         Aluminum bus bar & Interconnecting copper wires.

·         The feeder pillar will be having one 10 Amp 3 pin socket outlet with 10 Amp switch and one brass batten holder fitted in metering panel compartment and directly fed from incoming.

·         The overall dimensions of the feeder pillar shall be 1500x1200x 700 mm (LengthxWidthx depth) and thickness of the CRCA sheet shall be 14 SWG.

·         MS Angle iron size for frame shall be 50mmx50mm.

·         Feeder pillar panel shall be of class IP-55 & a canopy shall be provided at its top to protect the feeder pillar panel against the rain &  sunlight.

·         Feeder pillar panel shall be of double door type with provision of gasket. Provision of transparent sheet shall be made to take reading of Ammeter & Voltmeter with out opening the door.

·         Incoming to Feeder Pillar cable size: At least 2x3.5cx185 sqmm.

·         Outgoing from FP cable size: at least 3.5cx70 sqmm.

·         Cable entry/ outgoing from bottom through PVC glands only.

·         Powder coating shade shall be RAL 7032 with a thickness of 80 micron minimum.

·         Neutral cables for incomer and outgoing will be terminated in neutral bus bar.

·         Lifting hook to be provided for easy handling of Feeder Pillar Panel.

·         Pedestal shall be made of RCC mixture 1:1.5:3.

·         All dimensions are in mm. General tolerances on dimensions ±10 mm.

Manufacturer have to submit GA drawings with exact size and arrangement of all the components of reputed brands for approval.



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