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Supply (including packing, loading, transportation, unloading, storage of equipment at site etc.), erection (including civil foundation work etc.), commissioning and testing of High Mast 


high Mast Structure

  1. Height of Mast :16 Mtr
  2. No of Section: Two Section
  3. Material Construction ;As per BS-EN 10025 :1993 or equiv. IS
  4. Thickness of the section; Top: 3 mm (Minimum) Bottom: 4 mm (Minimum)
  5. No. of Longitudinal welds / section ;One
  6. Length of Individual Section Suitable to design
  7. Cross Section of Mast : 20 sided polygon continuously tapered telescopically joint as per BS 5135 or equivalent IS
  8. Base Diameter and Top Diameter: Suitable to design
  9. Type of joints: Stress fit at site
  10. Length of Overlap :Minimum overlap distance shall be 1.5 times the diameter at penetration.
  11. Metal Protection  :Hot dip galvanised both inside & outside conforming to IS 4759-1984,IS-2629-1985,IS2633-1972
  12. Average thickness of galvanization: As per BSEN ISO 1461
  13. Size of opening and door base :Suitable to design to accommodate drive, cable, plug etc & weather protected (IP54)
  14. Type of Locking arrangement :Weather and Vandal Resistant with heavy duty lock.
  15. Diameter of Base :Plate Suitable to design
  16. Thickness of base plate :Suitable to design
  17. Lightning protection finial :GI single spike of suitable length to protect lightning with provision of earthing connection.
  18. Aviation Obstruction Light :Top of the Mast fixed on the Lantern




Dynamic Loading As Prevailing At Site

  1. Max. wind speed : As per IS 875 part-3-1987 & TR-7, 2000 of ILE
  2. Max. gust speed time: Relevant to the site as per IS 875-Part-3
  3. Height above ground level, these two factors are measured- As per IS

a)Factor of safety for wind load b)Factor of safety for other load


Foundation detail

  1. Type of foundation : Open raft shallow footing
  2. Size of foundation: as per design
  3. Soil bearing capacity at site :as per site condition
  4. Design safety factor Considered wind pressure (Kg/Mt2):as per IS 875 part-3-1987 & TR-7, 2000 of ILE
  5. Number of foundation bolts: 8 nos. or more to take the design load


Lantern Carriage

  1. Material of construction : hot dip Galvanised steel
  2. Diameter of carriage ring (mm) Construction: Suitable to carry the nos. & type of fittings and fixtures
  3. Number of joints: suitable for design
  4. Buffer between carriage & masts :2 or suitable for design
  5. Load carrying capacity : To take fitting and fixtures load safely
  6. Total weight of assembly with fittings : as per qty. of luminaries
  7. Number of fittings. Type of fittings/fixture: 6 nos. or more not less than 150W LED each


Owner scope

Power supply through a single feeder at a suitable point at each location



Provision of GI pipe earthing with dedicated pit for High mast with 3 M long 40 mm dia GI Pipe including connection to High mast earth terminal with 25 x 3 mm GI flats with all materials and labour. (2nos each mast required) as per IS 3043.




  1. Type :trailing cable
  2. Material :copper, EPR insulated and PCP sheathed
  3. Current carrying capacity :25-30 Amp
  4. Conductor size :2.5 sqmm min.
  5. No. of cores:5


stainless steel wire rope

  1. Grade: AISI 316
  2. Number of ropes : 2 Continuous ropes suitable to winch and lantern carriage with no intermediate joints.
  3. Construction: 7 / 19 and shall have factor of safety not less than five times the safe working load
  4. Centre core material: stainless Steel core
  5. Diameter (mm) :6 mm min
  6. Breaking load of each rope : not be less than 2350 kg.
  7. factor of safety :over 5



  1. Type of winch: Double drum type as per IS-807
  2. Gear Ratio: 53: 1 or as recommended by manufacturer
  3. Capacity : to lift the design load.
  4. Method of operation: Manual and Electrical both
  5. Lubrication arrangement : permanent oil bath
  6. Type of lubricant: SAE 90. /SAE 140



Power Tool for the Winch

A suitable, high-powered, electrically driven, externally mounted power tool, with manual over ride, speed, of 1.5 to 1.8 m/minute, push button type remote control switch, together with 6 (six) meters of power cabl


Lightning Finial or rod

  1. Minimum 1.2 m in length at the centre of the head frame.
  2. bolted solidly to the head frame to get a direct conducting path to the earth through the mast.
  3. The lightning finial shall not be provided on the lantern carriage.


Aviation Obstruction Lights

  1. 2 nos. medium  Intensity Type-B (as per Table 6.3 of Volume-1, Annexure-14 of ICAO Guideline for Aerodrome Design & Operations) LED type aviation obstruction lights of reliable design and reputed manufacturer,
  2. Protection IP65


Feeder Pillar (control panel)


  1. Protection IP 65 with rain protection canopy in galvanized 2mm/14SWG CRCA sheet or cast Aluminium body.
  2. Two coats of epoxy primer and grey enamel paint of shade 631 of IS-5.
  3. Incoming 63 Amp, 415V, 4 poles MCCB, 25 Amp SP outgoing MCBs.
  4. Time switch and contactor for automatic on & off of circuit with manual override.
  5.  TP MCB for power tool contactors for reversing the motor and overload Protection of motor.


Technical documents with the supply of the material

  1. Complete catalogue of high mast with luminaries and aviation light
  2. Duly filled Technical data sheet
  3. Wind Tunnel study report of High Mast & type test report of winch with required specifications mentioned
  4. LM-79/ IS:16106 test reports of the offered LED flood light fittings from NABL accredited Laboratory
  5. LM-80/ IS:16105 test reports of the offered LED chips from International accredited Laboratory



PART-B: Codes & Standards and service conditions:




 BS Code of Practice CP-3 Chapter V Part-II

 Gradient of wind speeds related to height above ground.

 BS 4360

 Grades of MS plates

 IS 325

 Three phase Motor

 IS 3043

 Code of practice for Earthing

 IS 4759

 Code of practice for hot dip galvanizing

 IS 694

 PVC insulated cables (for voltages up to 1100 volts)

 IS 1554

 PVC insulated (heavy duty) electrical cables

 IS 5216

 Guide for safety procedures and practices in electrical works

 BS 5135


 BS 729


 Technical Report(TR) No.-7 1996 of ILE,UK

 Specification for Mast and Foundation

 IS 875(Part III) 2003

 Code of practice for design loads for buildings &    structures– wind loads

 IS 2309

 Code of practice for protection of buildings and allied structures  against lighting

 IS 2629

 Code of practice for galvanizing

 IS 4757

 Code of practice for Hot dip galvanizing

 IS 4691

 Degree of protection provided by enclosure of rotating machine

 IS 10322-Part 5

 Applicable part for required LED type Flood Light Luminaries

 IS 13947

 Low-Voltage Switchgear And Control gear

 IS 9968

 Elastomer insulated cables, Part 1: For working voltages up to and including 1100 V

 LM 80/IS: 16105

 Required compliance for LED type floodlight luminaries

 IEC 62471/EN 62471/IS: 16108

 Photo biological safety of LED and LED systems.

 EC: 62384/ IS: 16104

 Electronic control gear for LED modules – Performance requirements

Marking / Name Plate

Name plate shall include manufacturer name, date of manufacturing, drawing no

In case of international standard, standards issued by IEC/ BS/ VDE/ IEEE/ NEMA or equivalent agency shall be applicable.


PART-C: Technical documents for Approval after purchase order Order:

  1. Electrical single line diagram, wiring diagram, component layout diagram
  2. Illumination level chart
  3. General Arrangement (GA) drawing
  4. Quality Assurance Plan
  5. RCC foundation details                                                                                                                         
  6. Design calculations of foundation of high mast
  7. Detailed dimensional drawing of the complete mast

PART-D: Technical documents with the supply of the material:

  1. Test certificate as per the relevant Standards of chemical composition and mechanical properties of sheets, flange plates, steel plate, anchor plates
  2. Separate test certificate of the drum winch
  3. Test certificate of head frame Assembly, mast sections, trailing cable and cable connector as per relevant standards
  4. Test certificate of wind velocity test


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